Characteristics and Types of Brushless DC Motors

The most significant feature of brushless DC motors is' magnet rotation '
Use the magnetic field generated by the current in the stator coil to rotate the rotor with magnets. The switching of current is controlled by sensors and integrated circuits
Outer rotor type (rotating part outside the stator)
Advantages: It can achieve strong torque and stable speed during constant rotation
Shortcomings: The rotor volume is relatively large (low sensitivity), and safety measures need to be taken into account as the rotating part is located outside the stator

Inner rotor type (rotating part inside the stator)
Advantages: Small rotor volume, high sensitivity, coil located on the outer side of the rotor, good heat dissipation performance
Insufficient: It is difficult to obtain strong torque due to the influence of centrifugal force, resulting in damage to the magnet

Comparison Table of Various Motor Specifications

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