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Features and types of brushless dc motor.

Features and types of brushless dc motor.

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2017/10/09 10:13
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"Magnetic rotation" is the most notable feature of brushless dc motor.
The magnetic field generated by the current in the stator coil turns the rotor of the magnet. The switching of current is controlled by sensors and integrated circuits.
Outer rotor type (the rotating part is outside the stator)
Advantage: can obtain stronger torque to speed rotation speed stability.
Insufficient: the rotor volume is large (low sensitivity) because the rotating part is located outside the stator, safety measures need to be considered.

Inner rotor type (rotating part inside the stator)
Advantage: the rotor is small and sensitive, the coil is located outside the rotor, the heat dissipation performance is good.
Insufficient: it is difficult to obtain a stronger torque due to centrifugal force effect on the magnetite.